know your gold volume two

September 22, 2017

Know Your Gold: Volume Two

Adornment, precious metals and mining have a longstanding history. Mining can be directly associated with ruined landscapes, poisoned waters, displaced communities, poverty, economic dependency, corruption, rape, torture, extrajudicial killings and civil war; the colonialism of the global mechanised age. Most mining occurs in remote locations operated by faceless multinational corporations, allowing us to distance ourselves from the realities of its extraction and overlook the fact that the jewellery we wear begins with a source, an origin.


eco-gold granules

August 1, 2017

Know Your Gold: Volume One

Gold, the oldest precious metal known to man, with its unique lustre, inherent malleability and widespread discovery, is entrenched in the stories of our ancestors. 8000 years of human history say that gold is forever, but despite humanity’s longstanding fascination with this rare metal it remains a complicated element; karats, colours, composition, it can all be a bit overwhelming.



eco wedding bands shop online now

July 30, 2017

Real love stories! Real Gold! The wedding band range is born.

We love love and are delighted to announce the launch of four new wedding band designs. Whether you order directly from the site or use these as inspiration for starting a conversation with us for a custom design we'd love to be a part of your special day.



silver ring making workshop

March 31, 2017

Behind the scenes: Silver ring making workshop

With two ring making workshops scheduled in April I thought I would share a bit more information about what they are all about. In a few words; fun with friends and strangers alike, delicious snacks and a silver ring you get to treasure forever.



behind the scenes, slowfashion editorial shoot

January 25, 2017

Slow living in a fast city, our latest editorial shoot

I love styling our editorial shoots. They are an opportunity to paint the picture of ashley heather jewellery, everything we do and why we do it. Jewellery was never meant to exist in a vacuum, to be ferreted away in the safety of a drawer. I often picture our designs making their way out into the world, the kind of lives they’re leading adorning all of you.



ashley heather jewellery blog, the joys on entrepreneurship

January 23, 2017

The Blog. A fresh start.

After years of letting our blog lie dormant (because quite frankly the day to day of running a business all got a bit overwhelming for a bit there) I have decided to reinvigorate our blog. I'm excited to share with you once more what we do and why it is important to us.

Welcome to the inner monologue of ashley heather jewellery.