The Blog. A fresh start.

January 25, 2017


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After years of letting our blog lie dormant (because quite frankly the day to day of running a business all got a bit overwhelming for a bit there) I have decided to reinvigorate our blog. I'm excited to share with you once more what we do and why it is important to us.

Welcome to the inner monologue of ashley heather jewellery.

I was very naïve six years ago when I started this business. I had this idea that being a jeweller meant I could hide away in my home studio and make things I loved all day, only occasionally popping my head above ground to do a craft fair and then rapidly retreating to my solitude.

Today I’m building a team of fabulous humans, who I see everyday (another delusion shattered, I have to actually get out of my pyjamas and go to the studio) and at least 50% of my day is spent talking to all of you, our wonderful customers who have made this whole journey possible. The business we have today is nothing like the one I imagined six years ago, it is so so much more and its all of you who have shaped it so thank you for your sticking by us, and for whatever reason, for listening to my inner monologue.