Slow living in a fast city, our latest editorial shoot

25 January, 2017


slowliving in a fast city, behind the scenes


I love styling our editorial shoots. They are an opportunity to paint the picture of ashley heather jewellery, everything we do and why we do it. Jewellery was never meant to exist in a vacuum, to be ferreted away in the safety of a drawer. I often picture our designs making their way out into the world, the kind of lives they’re leading adorning all of you.

I put a lot of pressure on myself with these shoots. They need to say everything, to imbue our jewellery with all the subtlety and sense of grace we try to incorporate into our designs. This latest lookbook shoot was no different. Slow living is a big topic, what does it mean to seek out the quiet moments in our frenetic lives?

It wasn’t until I stumbled across @slowliving’s feed on Instagram that it all started coming together. An incredibly talented photographer, a dark moody style that oozes slowness and just a half hour drive away; the story pretty much told itself from that point on.


slow living in a fast city, photography studio


The day was freezing, the wardrobe a breezy linen but our model was a gem and slowly we started to see through the camera lens just what it can mean to slow our lives down a little. To breathe in the scent of freshly cut flowers, to watch the light shift through the day, to quiet the chatter and sit with a book, and to be fully present in those rare and delightful moments of calm we can create in our fast paced lives.


slow living in a fast city, slowfashion editorial shoot

a quiet style, arranging flowers

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