I have always been inspired by both the majesty and understated beauty of this fragile blue green planet of ours. I believe in creating. I believe in quality. I believe in honesty to materials. I believe in doing things differently. I believe companies can do more, be more.

All ‘ashley heather’ jewellery is handcrafted in our Woodstock work+shop using precious metals reclaimed from circuit boards by a small refinery right here in South Africa. We care about every aspect of the craft and are constantly striving for the most sustainable studio practices from the manufacturing processes right through to the packaging.

We craft every piece using age old silversmithing techniques combined with contemporary designs pared down to their essential qualities. The simplicity of the designs allows the material, craftsmanship and the wearer to shine.

This is a collection crafted by passionate hands; it is my greatest wish that you will find as much joy in wearing them as we found in creating them.

-Ashley Heather-